Why transistor is so called?

The word transistor is a combination of transfer and resistance. This is becauseĀ it transfers the resistance from one end of the device to the other end or we can say, transfer of resistance. Hence, the name transistor. Transistors have very high input resistance and very low output resistance.

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History of Transistor

The name “transistor” is derived from the words “transfer” and “resistor.” The term reflects the device’s ability to transfer an electrical signal across a resistor-like component. Specifically, a transistor transfers the input signal from its input terminals to its output terminals while controlling the current flow between these terminals. This control ability allows the transistor to amplify or switch electronic signals, making it a fundamental component in modern electronic devices. The name captures the essential function of the device in transferring and modulating electrical signals, hence the combination of “transfer” and “resistor” into “transistor.”

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