A satellite is an object that orbits around a celestial body, such as the Sun, Earth, or another large object. There are two main types of satellites: natural and man-made.

Natural satellites

Natural satellites include celestial objects like planets, moons, and comets. For example, Earth has one permanent natural satellite—the Moon, which influences phenomena like tides in the sea. Sometimes, other objects, like asteroids, can temporarily enter orbits around Earth and become natural satellites for a period.

Man-made satellites

Man-made satellites are artificial objects intentionally placed in orbit around Earth by human efforts. They follow paths similar to natural satellites. These artificial satellites have various applications, including communication and information gathering. They are equipped with sensors and instruments that can collect data much faster than ground-based tools because they have a broader view field. Additionally, their view of space is not obstructed by factors like clouds and dust, making them efficient for space observation and communication.

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