Headphones are electronic audio devices that people wear over their ears, allowing them to hear sounds from devices like a walkman, MP3 player, mobile phone, or computer. These headphones come in various sizes, ranging from large to small.

What is the use of a Headset?

A headset, on the other hand, serves the purpose of enabling spoken communication without the need for an earpiece or holding a microphone. It can replace a telephone handset and allows users to both talk and listen simultaneously. Headsets are commonly used for tasks like gaming, video communications, and computer-related activities.

Why headphones are good?

Headphones have their advantages, offering better noise cancellation, more extensive coverage, and a comfortable listening experience. In contrast, earbuds are often more affordable and convenient, easily fitting into pockets or bags. Additionally, they are less conspicuous to wear. Users can choose between wired or wireless earbuds or headphones, available in various price ranges to suit their preferences.

What Is an Analog Amplifier?

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