Electrical Socket

Electrical sockets are crucial for keeping our electronic devices charged and operational. They serve as the connection points that allow electrical current to flow into our appliances and equipment. While the shapes and sizes of sockets may vary from one country to another, their core functionality remains the same. Commonly, you’ll find 2-pin, 3-pin, and 5-pin sockets in homes and offices.

The key differentiator among sockets is their voltage capacity, which determines the amount of current they can handle. For example, in India, the three-pin plug is rated at 6A / 250V.

Types of Electrical Socket

Here are some common types of sockets:

  1. Two-pin sockets: These sockets have two long connection slots and provide an ungrounded connection.
  2. Three-pin sockets: This type of socket includes a ground pin, which helps prevent electric shock due to loose wiring.
  3. Five-pin socket: It combines the features of the two-pin and three-pin sockets.
  4. Universal or International sockets: These modular socket designs have pinholes that can accommodate a wide range of plugs used in American and European countries.

These sockets are essential for powering our electronic devices and ensuring safe and efficient electrical connections.

What Is an Electrical Connection?

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