Most Asked VLSI Interview Questions(2023)


  1. CMOS logic, give the various techniques you know to minimize Power Consumption.
  2. Depletion Mode of MOSFET
  3. Different Types of IC Packaging
  4. Enhancement Mode of MOSFET
  5. Explain the sizing of the inverter in CMOS
  6. How does the Resistance of the metal lines vary with increasing thickness and increasing length?
  7. Inversion Mode of MOSFET
  8. Temperature Inversion on Lower Nodes
  9. What are the limitations in increasing the power supply to reduce delay?
  10. What are the steps involved in semiconductor device fabrication?
  11. What happens to delay if we include a resistance at the output of a CMOS circuit?
  12. What happens to delay if you increase load capacitance?
  13. What is a GDS file
  14. What is Charge Sharing in CMOS
  15. What is the feedback in VLSI?
  16. What is the role of ERC in VLSI?
  17. Why cascaded CMOS inverters of different ratios are better than a single inverter?



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